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Center for Theology of Migration (CThM)

In 2017-2018 a cooperation started between Samen Kerk in Nederland (SKIN) and the Faculty of Religion and Theology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). This cooperation led to a unique educational program: The  Center for Theology of Migration. This is a one year postgraduate program in English, focused on (future) migrant pastors, church workers and clergy.  


This educational program focusses on the role of the migrant pastor or church leader which is very divers. You will be trained to become an expert in the fields of theology, pastoral ministry and in social sciences. Through this program, you will develop skills to transcend your own convictions and deal with the diversity of Christian traditions in the Netherlands. This helps you to function in the social context of the Netherlands and how to deal with the situation here. 
Besides the focus on education, CThM also focusses on research in the field of migration and Christianity and the role of migrant churches in the Netherlands and the West.   
The initiative for this Center originated from the desire to have a suitable educational program fitting the needs of pastors from the international and migrant communities. Many pastors experience high pressure because of all the responsibilities they carry. Therefore, it is crucial to have a place where they can invest in oneself, strengthening each other, and develop themselves for the work they do. When wisdom grows, the work for Gods Kingdom can be strengthened.  
As SKIN we are very happy with this excellent program for this specific group and we warmly recommend it!  


Are you a migrant pastor, church worker or clergy? You are most welcome to join this educational program! In this video Dr. Samuel Lee, director of CThM, introduces the program.  

To join this program, preliminary education is required. Are you considering to study at CThM and do you want more information about the program itself or the admission requirements? On the CThM website you can find more information: If you have any further questions or you want to apply for the program, please send a message to Dr. Samuel Lee through

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