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Community life and unity

As a church there are many things to reckon with. On this page we share topics that are related to building a healthy church community in unity.

1. Being a Church of Refuge/a Safe Church

2. Relationship between native Dutch churches and international churches: handout in Dutch with practical tips and examples. If you don't read Dutch, please send us an email at for more information in English.

3. Impact of the history of slavery in the present.

Authors from SKIN's network contributed to, among others:

- MichaNederland's Kerkenpakket (including contributions by ds. Rhoinde Mijnals-Doth and Sandra Oosterwolde)

- NBG's publication 'Geroepen om vrij te zijn' (including contributions by ds. Rhoinde Mijnals-Doth, pastor Hedwig Komproe and Rev. Seth Adzokatse)

Ecumenical Reflections #71 (with contributions by ds. Verry Patty and ds. Rhoinde Mijnals-Doth). 

NB These publications are all written in Dutch.

Are you missing certain information at this information database? Contact our helpdesk by sending an e-mail to:

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